Monday, June 01, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Keira!!!

This kid is 8! 
 You changed your mind 18 times about the theme for your party and finally settled on a Hawaiian beach theme
 You wanted a family party with your cousins and a date with mom to go to YOUR FIRED and paint some pottery. Yesterday was your party and next weekend we will go paint some pottery.
 A sign you are getting older. For the first time you asked for clothes for your birthday. Clothes from Justice.  So we bought you some clothes, some books, a bike basket ( for all your junk, you go everywhere with a  bag of something), some Lego's and a Spirograph.
 Your cake made by daddy
 Another example of how different you are then me. You insisted on wearing the lei around your head instead of around your neck.

 You currently love books, clothes, trinkets and mad libs in that order.

Happy Birthday to our sweet, sensitive dreamer!!! You may never be able to get your head out of the clouds long enough to make your own sandwich and I'm convinced without my help you will never get ANYWAY on time but you definitely are the most loving member of the family. Its almost the end of second grade and you are thriving in your new school. Thanks so Saxon math you have finally mastered your math facts and are keeping up in math for the first time. We still call you turtle because you move SO SLOWLY. We say " Get your shoes on Keira its time to leave for school!" and you hear. "Go browse the bookshelf for something to read on the way to school"  We say "Go brush your teeth and do your inhaler and get in the car" and you hear "Now is a good time to look in the bathroom mirror and comb your hair 100 x, then apply chap-stick, pick a necklace and decide on a hairstyle for the day"  You will never be a type A organized planner like myself. I'm also pretty sure you will never be allowed to babysit your siblings but you have an irreplaceable spot in this family. You are the most optimist, joyful child we have. You may drive us crazy Keira Joyce but we love you anyway!


N&M said...

Happy Birthday Keira! So happy that you are eight years old! :)

KeithKathyHolley said...

Ahhh, Keira.... I love that little sweet girl. You hit it with the "we say/she hears" comments. She has the most expressive eyes and exuberance for everything. Happy Birthday!! Kathy Holley