Friday, September 18, 2009

36 1/2 weeks

Wednesday I will be considered in the "safe to be born at home" category. Midwife doesn't think he will be too big as she said my belly is small.... SMALL??? WHAT??? I feel huge! I expect another 6-7 lber though. She said and I quote " Wooooow. That head is really down there!! Its like RIGHT there! Good news I guess? She also said that when my water breaks its gonna be a flood... and I quote " Your belly is as hard as a rock, you have got a ton of fluid in there. " Interesting observation I guess. Trying to hard to be patient and trying to stay busy. So. Not. Easy!
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Caroline said...

My belly was hard as a rock too. But my water never broke because I had a c-section but trust me I could tell when they had cut me open because it sounded like 100 buckets of water had been poured on the floor all at once hahaha

alexish5 said...

Lots of water is good news! You know how much water weighs!!!!! =)

Teresa and Shawn said...

You do look huge, but that's probably because you are so small normally. Am I allowed to say you look huge without it sounding insulting??!?!? I think you look awesome for almost 37 weeks! We cannot wait to meet this baby boy!