Monday, September 07, 2009

New stuff

Our neighbor brought over the pink trike with the tassels and gave it to Keira as her grand daughter had outgrown it. Keira was all excited but quickly got frustrated when she realized her legs were too short to push the pedals. Hopefully next year!
A friend of mine gave us this hot wheels barbie trail rider. Her mother had given her the barbie car and a firetruck. Since my friend just has boys she gave us the Barbie car. It took Keira a few times to catch on that she had to press the pedal with her foot and keep pressing it to make the car go. Once she got it she loved it ! She has no sense of direction so you have to steer the car for her but it provided lots of fun. The funny thing is both Mike and I remembered that as kids we really wanted a hot wheels car but since both of us grew up in big families with little money we never got one!


MommyKW said...

It is always soooo nice when people hand down toys like those! And, I totally understand what you're talking about! I never had the battery operated toys when I was little, but when the kids got their first car (a hand me down) I was so jealous! haha!

caroline said...

Keira has some nice rides! haha