Monday, September 14, 2009

Have you ever seen anything so cute???

In the cloth diaper world this is called newborn fluff. I belong to an online forum with an amazing group of mama's that have created a newborn baby diaper pass around kit. Babies only wear this teeny tiny stuff for a few weeks to months at most so instead of all of us spending $$ for our babies to wear this stuff for a few weeks they just pass around the kit. I got it in the mail today and the stuff is soooo tiny and sooo cute!!!
The top picture is diaper covers, the second is pre folds, the third is wool diaper covers, and the last picture is of fitteds diapers and pockets.
You will of course be seeing baby boy with his adorable cloth diaper butt as soon as he arrives. Stay tuned....
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MommyKW said...

Can't wait! I am so excited for you!

Caroline said...

So cute! That is so awesome you found a group like that, sounds great!