Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby its cold outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outside my window....Can you say freezing??? After coming back from a play date with some mom's from church and bundling up the kids and getting them in and out of the car, I called Mike and asked him if he was ready to move. He laughed as he thinks the Northeast is a great place to live. I told him to go outside without a hat and hang out for a few min and really get a feel for that windchill and then tell me if he is ready to move. He laughed again. I wish Allegro had an office in North Carolina!!!
I am thinking… I want to move, I want to move, I really really want to move somewhere warmer!
I am thankful for … my warm house and my working furnace. Even if it doesn't have a wood stove, a fireplace or anything super warm and cozy.
I am reading … Nothing. I can't even seem to keep up with the newspaper.
I am hoping … that Mike will see the light and realize there are warmer places to live.
On my mind … that I have absolutely nothing to wear to my cousins Christmas Eve party. That it seems to be taking forever to lose these dang extra pregnancy pounds and I am feeling frustrated about it.
We’re learning … How to express our opinions, push mama's buttons and make good use of the time out spot ( Keira), how to sleep longer stretches at night ( Israel).
Noticing that … our lack of closet space is really really bothering me today and that this cold weather makes me grumpy.
Pondering these words … from a friend's facebook page " 91 days till spring" yes yes I know. Its bad. I just quoted something from facebook.
Around the house … Israel's room currently has no floor, our 1 working bathroom is torn apart, and the rest of the house is busting at the seams.
One of my favorite things … my collection of fleece.
A picture I am sharing … Good bye 2009. Keira is constantly bugging me to let her play with the calendar ( that's what she has in her hand in the below pic). She sees me writing appointments etc on it all the time and thinks it must be something special. After letting her play with it and scribble on it a few times to the point where we couldn't even read it I had to say no more. Well today I put up the 2010 calendar and gave Keira the old one to play with and write on and she was pretty excited.

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Caroline said...

If Mike thinks the North East is such a great place to live you should remind him of how expensive real estate is here and how INexpensive it is everywhere else! haha Seriously... I can't believe what you can get for your money some other places compared to here, it's unbelievable! Just keep telling him you need more space... you guys are already thinking about moving haha

Teresa and Shawn said...

Looks like Israel is enjoying the calendar, too!

Do you want to go skiing next week? Snowshoeing? Sledding? Snowboarding? Play some ice hockey? Maybe go snowmobiling? Make a snowman? Have a snowball fight? Make a snow fort? Snow angels? Anything??