Friday, December 04, 2009

Vanilla Chai

Mike promised Keira a Vanilla Chai (tea) from Dunkins if she pooped in the potty. Yesterday she finally did it and she enjoyed her Vanilla Chai ( don't worry we only let her drink like 1/4 of it) Apparently it didn't have much of an influence on her even though she loves them as a few hours later she pooped in her diaper and a few hours after that peed on the floor after her bath... just like a puppy. I have to say that potty training so far has gotten the award as most frustrating part of parenting so far. Which really surprises me because Keira is such an easy going laid back kind of kid.. she took to everything easily ( sleeping in a crib, weaning etc) but not potty training. And so we trod on and hope that patience will pay off.....
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Teresa and Shawn said...

Tanya - Really, don't get discouraged and don't beat yourself up over it. I am a firm believer that kids WILL NOT potty train until they are ready. I know girls typically train earlier than boys, but that does not mean they will be early. The average age is years old, and Keira has six months to go before then! Simon has sat on the potty, but has not done anything in it, so Keira is leaps and bounds ahead of him.

Don't freak out b/c other kids Keira's age are potty-trained. You're just setting yourself up for a world of frustration and lots of accidents by trying too hard when Keira's not ready. With Jamie, I tried so hard once he was 2 years old b/c I thought that was what I was supposed to do. But then Clare was born and we were in and out of the hospital so much that first year, that I had to take a break on being a nazi potty-trainer. Once Clare's issues settled a bit, Jamie was interested in big boy underwear. I bought him some, and he was literally trained in a couple days. No accidents. And night-trained about a month later. He was 3 years, 3 months old. Even though training Clare was a lot harder (b/c of her different issues), the key was that she would not train until she was ready, no matter how hard I tried. Once she was ready, she seemed to train overnight as well.

Yes, it takes persistence and dedication and patience, but you also have to judge whether Keira is truly ready, too. And I agree that potty-training is one of the most frustrating parts of being a parent. It will come! Trust me! And then you'll get the joy of training a little boy!!

Okay, there's my *unwanted* advice to you!

Anonymous said...

Get Keira to play with a slightly older child that is trained and during their play time that little one will more than likely have to potty and she will follow to "watch"! Worked for Dawn some 36+years ago.Anna's husband Sean installed the very best toilet seats ever on all 3 seats from Home Depot they have the little one attached under the big one with magnets, check it out they are so cool! Good luck , and I agree they will go when they are good and ready......Auntie Nancy

Caroline said...

I'm not looking forward to potty training! And I love the last picture.... nothing better than a kid laughing! =)

Anonymous said...

My 5th child is officially day-time-potty trained as of 3 days ago. The thing that worked best for me is to put them in panties and keep them in them at all times, except bedtime and outings. I think diapers and pull-ups make it harder for them. We cloth diapered, BTW.
I also keep the little potty in the livingroom or kitchen til they really get the hang of it and we make a HUGE ridiculously silly deal of laughing and clapping and jumping up and down when they use the potty and I check their panties regularly and brag about them being dry. And, we tell everyone who comes over, or who we visit about there using the potty and their big boy/girl panties. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Their using"...not "there using". LOL
I'm not totally illiterate. Ha!