Monday, December 21, 2009

Just chilling....

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas! If only the rest of winter flew by this quickly! Keira is really into Christmas this year... she talks often about Santa, her princess dress that she hopes he will bring, presents for Jesus etc etc. Its so fun to watch. There is a special needs man in our neighborhood that dresses up as Santa for the area businesses. He can often be seen walking to work in his Santa suit. Keira will see how out the window and excitedly yell. "There's Santa!!!!" Israel has shocked us all by sleeping a few 8 hour stretches at night. Its been heavenly!!!
Other than holding down the fort we have been busy making cookies for cookie swaps, shopping and wrapping presents and playing in the snow.
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alexish5 said...

I love the smiling face followed by the boo boo face on Israel! He is sooo cute!

Keira is adorable too in the dora dress and necklaces....dare I forget to mention the green purse! What a fashion statement!