Saturday, June 23, 2012

Almost 15 months

 Dear Nairi, You are almost 15 months old. Your current favorite things are Tic Tac containers, water bottles, phones, swings, and the trampoline. You are saying more and more words every day. Some of your new words are "side" for outside " booo-dee" for bird and "saw-seege" for sausage and bye bye. This morning you were fussing while I was getting dressed and I said to you "Are you hungry? Do you want breakfast?" to which you replied. " Saw-seeege, saw seeege!! " I couldn't help but laugh because you are spot on. We eat sausage and eggs almost every morning.  After breakfast you know that daddy always leaves for work so you immediately go and get your shoes and bring them to him. Hoping he will take you with him I guess? You copy your siblings more and more every day. Every am when we use the coffee grinder Keira and Israel cover their ears and now you do the same. You call any animal on four legs a puppy. You know that we keep Tic Tacs in the car and EVERY SINGLE time we get in the car you say immediately "Tee Ta? Tee Ta? Its so funny!!! You love music and will dance whenever you hear it.

 Your hair!! It deserves its own blog I think. Its getting larger and more of a fro with the summer humidity.

 You must hold the phone if you see it. You put it to your ear and say "hiiiiiii" over and over.
 We think we have another book lover on our hands. You don't really let us read them yet though but you love to flip through them and point to things.

 You found the Ipad cover but no Ipad and you were greatly displeased by that. You are quick to throw a tantrum if you don't get what you want.
 Water girl. You drink more water than any of the  kids.

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