Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father/ Son camping trip 2012

Every year our church has a father/ son camping trip for grandfathers and dads and sons. Its way up north in the White Mountains of NH at a very family friendly campground.  The camp ground has a pool, a river, a playground and from the pictures plenty to keep everyone busy.  This is the first year Mike has gone as this is the first year Israel is potty trained. We went back and forth about whether he was too little or not to go and ultimately decided to let him go. Mikes dad agreed to come along as well. Some friends lent us all their camping gear since we have none. I obviously was not there but since returning I have heard nothing but camping this and camping that and swimming and camp fires and marshmallows. Its safe to say that he had a BLAST. So thankful for an amazing husband who took the time to pack and plan and pack and plan and shop and drive and give up his weekend for his little boy to have some fun and male bonding.

 It was all fun and games

And then this happened. They did end up coming home a bit early due to the rain and lack of rain jackets and boots and a tent that ended up wet.

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