Friday, June 01, 2012

Keira turns 5/ Dear Keira

 Opening presents from us after breakfast. She got all natural nail polish, a toy cash register ( to play store), stickers, art paper, markers, shoes, and a new stuffed sheep
 Nairi watches the present opening
 Nail polish
 Israel says " My birthday is in the fall!" as he contemplates when its his turn to open presents
 Sheepie! Love Ebay. She has this exact sheep but the stuffing is falling part so we found the exact same one on Ebay and bought it. Of course I doubt she will throw the falling apart one away but at least we have a second one.

 It comes with a mini sheep that Nairi likes
 Excited at the pretty table all set for her friends. We went with an ice cream cone theme
 Lots of little ones
 Singing Happy Birthday
 Mike did a fabulous job as always making these cake cones that look like ice cream cones but are actually cake with frosting.

Dear Keira,
Today we celebrated your 5th birthday. It was everything a little girl party should be. Lots of pink and fancy and friends. We started planning your party at least 3 months ago. We talked endlessly about what the theme would be, what sort of plates and cups we would get, what games we would play, what kind of cake you should have, what should go in the goody bags for your friends, and what food we would eat. You changed your mind a half a dozen times at least. You found it all so exciting and we couldn't help but indulge you for your special day. We let you plan it all and have a say in everything from what kind of food we ate to the color of the sprinkles on your cake. I can't believe you are 5. You are so imaginative. We find you talking to yourself or playing your own games in your head. You can pretend anything. Daddy and I still marvel at the time while waiting for dinner you folded napkins into a nativity set and calmly pointed out to us Mary and Joseph and all the animals and of course the baby Jesus. You love art anything and spend hours at your little art table making endless pictures and cards for us and everyone else. They are always folded and covered in stickers and marker art. I keep alot of them because I know some day soon you won't make me art anymore and I will miss your fancy cards and drawings that are messy and fancy and so you. No matter what you do you make a mess. Eating or drawing or painting or playing in the sand you are so messy. You are happy and easy going and social. You aren't at all afraid of going to a new school next year- you embrace change so well. You still love books and still spend lots of time sitting next to a stack of books making up stories or reciting them from memory. You have a fabulous memory and can recite books, prayers and songs accurately. You are so joyful all the time. Yes you have tantrums and throw fits sometimes but you wake up happy and are happy most of the time. You can be bossy with your siblings sometimes though but I think part of that is just your ranks as the oldest!
You are the ones that made us parents for the first time. So far you have kept your standing in the family ranks as the easiest baby and the best sleeper in the house hands down.  I know you are growing up but I want to remember how you love fancy things, love pink, love frilly things, love dresses, love books, love to play pretend, love to ride your bike, love to talk, love special treats, love school, love friends, love art. We love you so much!!!!

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