Friday, February 08, 2013


What do you get when you add 3 home bound kids, one very pregnant mama and a case of influenza? Absolute nuttiness. That is us. Bringing stir crazy to a whole new level. Keira had a fever x 7 days, a positive flu swab and now an ear infection. Israel had 3 days of fever and appears to be over the hump. Nairi is just starting with the fever.  It appears we will go no where in February.  I'm more than ready for Spring which I can see is nowhere in site as we wait for the Nor'Easter of 2013 to bring us 2 feet of snow.  What exactly are the kids doing in this picture? Making their own drum chorus with books, pencils, spoons and bowls. Yes they are bored. We have done a million crafts, play dough, read books, watched movies, played endless games of Go Fish and Memory. Keira and Israel missed a complete week of school.  I will say dealing with being home bound and winter  is 100x easier in our new house than in our last tiny one. Space makes all the difference!!
Think we might need to break open a bottle of wine tonight while we watch the snow fall.

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