Saturday, February 02, 2013

She is almost 2 !~ Happy 22 months Nairi

At 22 months you talk a mile a minute just like Keira and Israel used too. Your most used phrases are " I do it!! My job!" " Nairi do it!" and " Where daddy go? Where Keira go? Where Israel go?" You are fiercely independent and insist on trying to do everything yourself. Even things like putting on your jacket and shoes which you lack the motor control to do. You get frustrated at your lack of ability to do these things. You adore babies and puzzles and books.  You will come up to me with a stack of books and say " Sit DOWN! There! On the ground. Read books!!!" We do puzzles about 10 times a day. You love to play with Israel and he remains your favorite person in the world besides Mama of course.
In the car you get bored and ask to get out of your car seat all the time. You insist on listening to the same 3 songs. Cotton Eyed Joe, Gummy Bear song, and I'm a daddy and I know it.
You are still a great eater but have picked up the phrase from your siblings "There is green things! No like! " You sleep through the night maybe 3-4 nights out of the week and make sure to get daddy up 3-4 times a night the rest of the week.
Some of your other loves are chocolate, going outside and Curious George. We are already planning your second birthday with a Curious George themed cake.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

Yes, she IS a honey! Have you chosen a name for boy #2? I love your little family! Kathy Holley