Thursday, February 21, 2013

Choosing a paint color....

 Have I mentioned I am indecisive when I am pregnant? My poor husband. First the babies name dilemma and now this. I wanted to go with a gray with white trim. 6 or 7 paint samples later I have finally made up my mind. Since I made a mistake about the first gallon we bought we are going with an accent wall in Silver and the rest of the walls in Elephant Gray ( which is actually not pictured in the above picture). Walls are primed and getting painted today and tomorrow. Biggest wait time was the ceiling. We had to get a professional in here to match the ugly popcorn ceiling ( because it takes a special tool that Mike does not have). Before anyone thinks we are fans of the popcorn look we are not but the whole house has it and its easier to just match it in the spots in the ceiling where the dry wall was repaired/redone than sand the whole darn ceiling and still have popcorn in the rest of the house.

 voila.... can you even tell whats old and whats new??
 The plastic bubble covered room we are dealing with. LOVE the mess!! But hey better now than when baby arrives!
This is where the "mudroom" will be. Its hard to tell under the plastic but the bead-board is up!! Hope Mike can get to the built ins this weekend if the painting is done.  The flooring is back ordered at Home Depot so its unlikely the project will be complete before #4 arrives but the messiest parts should be done at least so that is good.

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KeithKathyHolley said...

Is that Israel's official helper's uniform? Or, was he just too busy to take time to get dressed? (HAHA) We have the same popcorn ceiling and the same light fixture on our ceiling. We had to redo ours to match the rest of the house as you did. Kathy Holley