Saturday, February 02, 2013

Pocket door fail...

 The plan was one last day of demo ( today) before the construction takes shape. All the venting pipes have been moved and this was the last step. We wanted to turn the bathroom door into a pocket door b/c directly behind the bathroom door is my HE washing machine door. I say HE because the door opens on the side  (aka a side loader) and is always open otherwise the machine gets musty. So the 2 doors are constantly banging into each other.

 But alas there is a pipe ( see R of the door) in the wall so the pocket door is a no go....
 Oh well on to dry wall patching so that the mudroom and new floor can go in and the project can start to take shape. Its slow going b/c the work only happens on weekends and I don't want him working all weekend because then I don't get a break from the constant kid duty. The drywall is going to take a bit since once its up it has to be mudded and dried and then sanded etc. Its not a one day process and then we have to match the ugly popcorn ceiling which requires hiring a professional since you need a special gun to do the popcorn look. We hate the popcorn ceiling but the whole house has it so its not prudent to spend big bucks smoothing the ceilings of the whole house. I would rather do something else like put on a back deck.
Ceiling that must be patched.

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