Saturday, May 10, 2014

Samuel calls 911

It took kid # 4 but it finally happened. Samuel called 911. I had just hung up the phone after talking to Mike at work and Samuel was playing with  the phone. I took the phone away and headed upstairs to put him down for a nap. Keira was at school and  Israel and Nairi know to play quietly for 5 min while  I nurse Samuel down for his nap. About 3 min later just as Samuel is falling asleep in my arms Israel burst into the room and says " Mommy there is a police man at the door!!!" I am thinking he meant to say  he saw a police car as there is often one driving through the neighborhood So I am like " What??? At the door? " Yes Mommy at the door he says all excited!!!"
I race downstairs barely putting my shirt/ bra back together to see a police man pounding on the glass storm door. The front door is wide open but I keep the glass storm door locked so Samuel can't push it open and go outside. Nairi is sitting in front of the door just staring at the police man. The police officer sees me and  says "We received a call and hang up from this number and I see two kids and no adults and I have been pounding on the door! I was 2 seconds away from breaking the door down to make sure everything was okay!"
I apologized profusely to the police man for wasting his time and tried to  explain that 13 month old Samuel was playing with the phone and  I had no idea that he had called 911 and that I was upstairs in his room and the fan was on so I didn't hear him pounding on the door.  Oye.... I think he thought I was a nutty lady with too many kids.....

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