Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nairi's first dental visit.

Is she cute or what? We have pictures of Keira and Israel on their first dental visit so of course we had to do the same for Nairi.


Stuart Fleming said...

Nairi is definitely cute! I'm glad you decided to share her first dental visit, as you did with Israel's and Keira's. Seeing the photo, I'm guessing that the visit went well. Nairi is all smiles, after all. I'm glad to hear you haven't had any problems with first dentist visits. All the best! :)

Stuart Fleming

Sharon Woods said...

This is definitely an adorable photo! I am so happy you shared Nairi's first dentist visit with everyone. A child's first dentist visit can sometimes be a very nerve inducing experience for both the child and parent, but Nairi looks like she is handling this like a pro! By the way, I think that Nairi's pink sunglasses are so cool!