Sunday, May 04, 2014

April 2014 as captured by the Ipad lenses..

We use the Ipad for the quick- need- to- capture- it- now moments. This is the last few weeks as captured by the Ipad. Some of these were taken by the kids.
 Sisters. If only they loved each other the way this picture
 implies .
  Gathered at the door  mourning watching Mike leave for work.
 Saturday morning.

 Samuel in a headband courtesy of Nairi.
 Easter of course!
 Nairi in true character form
 Bad guys.
 Israel always has  a weapon on him.

 Finally some warmth to enjoy the sandbox.
 Sun = ice cream right?
 Dress up play. I love when they dress up.
 More dress up playing starring Israel as a Ninja Turtle.
 Israel's favorite activity in the world. Mowing.
See how green the grass is? That's thanks to the rain rain and more rain and the cool temps. See my attempt at being positive about the crappy cool weather.

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