Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just pics

Just b/c she is so cute Keira got a free toddler sized apron from Home Depot while there shopping with daddy. She loves it and didn't even want to take it off to go to bed ( although we made her)

Did you know that its possible to make such a mess with chicken noodle soup?

Playing with puzzles.


MommyKW said...

That is so appropriate for her to have a HOME DEPOT apron!

caroline said...

I'm not surprised she got an apron at Home Depot, they were probably like "LOOK! it's our more valuable customers! here have this for free!" hahaha

Jennifer said...

I am amazed at the things that Brooke can make messy. She can eat a chocolate chip cookie with 2 morsels of chocolate in it and have chocolate from one side of her face to another..all over her hands and on her clothes. I love the cute.