Saturday, February 07, 2009

Neglected Blog

Our blog hasn't been very exciting this week.... I haven't posted much because I am exceedingly annoyed at the computer. Its not working again. Mike's says he has replaced everything except the wireless card so he will do that Monday. It just constantly loses Internet connection. On top of that Blogger and Picasa haven't been working together and half of the pics I upload and post about don't show up and all in all I have been basically ignoring the whole thing! Mike ended up not working on much this week so it was nice to just hang out and be a family. Keira loves having daddy home and wants to know were we both are at all times. We did get a few things done ( besides the basement which Mike totally cleaned out).. the truck needed an alignment so we did that. Yesterday we meant with both a Realtor and a mortgage refinance guy to assess our options. Basically since the market is so messed up right now we do have the option of selling our house since its 75% or so updated and buying a much larger house for the same price that needs lots of cosmetic work. Its really really tempting because we are desperate for more space but not really wanted to undertake a whole house full of issues since our house is about 75% updated..( we will never cease to find projects to do both indoors and out but that's another story) We aren't positive yet but we will probably end up just refinancing at a lower interest rate and having a lower monthly payment every month and maybe we able to move in another 3 years or so. We are still thinking about it.... but thats all the news around here. Hope to be able to upload some pics soon!

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caroline said...

Jo loves it when Rob is home too. And when he is she also needs to know where we are and she prefers if we're all in the same room at all times haha.