Saturday, August 22, 2009

New window

This is one of the windows in our bedroom. It is by far the worst window in the house.. not only can you literally see the curtains blowing in the wind ( with the window fully closed of course) but the panes of glass were literally falling out of the window. You can imagine the chilly breeze it provides in the winter and yes its right next to our bed! Anyways Mike replaced it this am with some help from Anthony. I love it!! I have an obsession with windows with the grids in the glass and as we slowly replace the old windows all the new ones have the grids in between the glass. The new window is a few inches taller and wider so yay for more sunlight. This is the window without the molding obviously. Mike will probably finish that tomorrow.
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Caroline said...

I love the look of those windows too!

NAB said...

Was Anthony helping or watching? Because from the picture, it looks like he is just watching. ;) Hehe!