Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday I got the van-car ( as Keira calls it registered). $454! Yikes. I forgot what it is like to register a nice car. Our oldies didn't cost much to register.
We made some slight progress in a few areas..... :o)

Decision about circumcision- check, check
Decision about midwife- check, check

Whats left?
NAME!!!! No decision there.
Baptism... when, what to do about celebration ( go to a restaurant??) We had Keira's in the backyard but that's not really possible in Nov or Jan in NH obviously!


caroline said...

We did it at a restaurant and it worked out well. We let people order off the menu, we didn't do a catered/buffet thing or anything like that. It was a bit costly but we didn't have much of a choice. Another reason I'm looking forward to having our own house! We won't have to go to restaurants and halls for these type of things. I would try to find a restaurant that has like pre-ordered meals for your guests... I think it ends up being cheaper.

Anthony said...

Kill two birds with one stone and make your selected God Parents host the party!

hippert said...

Wow Anthony! Glad I got Keira!

David and Christina said...

the Yard had a reasonable price for brunch. (the restaurant not the backyard).

what midwife did you go with?