Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby boy's room pre demo day 1

Enjoy the ugliness. Its the last un updated room in the house. Good bye paneling, 4 layers of wallpaper, small window, low ceiling, fake ceiling tiles, and ugly sub floor.
We don't know the remodel plan exactly yet.. waiting for a contractor to give us estimates of the cost to bump out the roof for a second bathroom and possible a 1/2 or full back dormer. But Mike figured he would get started on demo, raising the ceiling and replacing the tiny window with a double one. He and Anthony only worked a few hours this am but made great progress. In emptying the room which was our storage room/ office we purged some more stuff. Its amazing how much stuff you can't keep when you have barely any closet or storage space.
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Caroline said...

What is that behind that tiny door? Is it useable storage space?

And I know what you mean about not having ANY storage space. The new house has FOUR closets plus a pantry... I'm sooo excited. The basement isn't really useable for storage at all, but there is an attic and a shed out back. Do you guys have an attic? or is that what I'm seeing behind the little door?

K's Mama said...

Its usable storage space.. its also the attic.. but in order to have a decent sized room we use that space for the built in dressors and built in bed... so it sort of dissappears which leaves us with 4 tiny closests in the whole house. no linen, bathroom, coat, or pantry at all. Oh well!

MommyKW said...

How exciting to get this room updated! Can't wait to see how it turns out!