Wednesday, August 05, 2009


The weather has been summer like all week so we have been busy being outside and enjoying it- until I get too hot and then its back in the AC to cool off.
The sun has made everything start growing so we are getting some garden produce ( cukes finally!!! ) and that's been great. There is lots of yard work this time of year but we are keeping on top of it- its seriously amazing how much yard work a 0.25 of an acre can provide. I don't know how you guys with big yards keep up. The weeds and crab grass are insane this year due to all the rain so that alone has been keeping us busy although I would be lying if I said my garden was weed free... far from it!
In baby news... I'm 30 weeks FINALLY! I feel like time is dragging. 7 weeks until I am full term and can work on getting this baby OUT!! I'm going to interview another midwife Friday so we will see how that goes. No name for baby either.
Here is the current list in no particular order...

Vianney Michael
Aquinas Matthew
Macabees Alexander / "Mac"
Benedict Michael
Augustine Marc
Ezekiel Alexander/ "Zeke"
Moses Isaiah

I honestly think Ill have to see the kid first before I can name him and I never thought I would have to do that!!! It does bother me that we can't decide on a name but I just can't commit to one. We are still adding to the list too so this isn't a finalized list by any means.

In project news. We are going to get a quote to have a second bathroom installed on the second floor- which would mean a small bump out in the roof. We would pay someone to rough frame it and do the outside work ( siding, window etc) and Mike would do all the inside work. Not sure if it can happen but we hope to find out. We of course haven't started the babies room either but if we are doing the bathroom it makes sense to do that first as it will take up part of the nursery. So we need to get going on something!


Anonymous said...

how about the name Jonas?
it was in a tv show I have been watching.

Caroline said...

I think my favorite out of that list would be Aquinas. I think it'll come to you when you see him!