Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bye Bye beach!

Yesterday turned out rainy and cool again. After waiting a few hours for the sun to come out and playing at the beach anyways we packed up, cleaned up, and headed out to sit in traffic in MA. Fun times. Today was busy with the usual post vacation chores- mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, unpacking and laundry. Keira has told me at least 15 times that "I want to go back to the beach house!" Me too. Too bad daddy only gets 2 weeks of vacation a year and needs to save the remaining 4 days to be my post partum cook, nanny, maid and nurse! I wish we could stay at the beach all summer. Maybe someday when we win the lottery we can own a beach house and spend the summers there relaxing.... haha RIGHT.
Mike has been finishing the bathroom remodel that he started a few weeks ago. Its almost finished ( will be done this weekend) and then he has completed every project he started... Meaning we can cross everything off the to do list and start working on the baby's room!! :o) The only other unfinished thing is the wine rack for the kitchen which a friend is currently custom building for us as I write this so that's almost done too!
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