Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dear Israel,

Can I make one request? Pretty please? I have done so much for you. 39 weeks and 4 days of being sick, 48 lbs of you, placenta, water and body fat, stretch marks ( your sister was kind enough to spare me those) and many other things I won't go into. I let you nurse every 20 min just to keep you happy. Heck daddy and I have even swayed in our plan of never letting our babies sleep in our bed. It never fails by 4- 5 am you are sick of the crib and somehow you have made it habit to sleep snuggled up next to daddy for the reminder of the night. I even let you take naps on my chest.
After a couple of interesting weeks we have decided that you are a bit shall we say sensitive but we love you anyways. We have dubbed you "high maintenance baby" but you really aren't too bad. Just from 3pm-7pm you are truly high maintenance. Since I cut dairy out of my diet you seem to be less fussy overall and more content. I think you will mellow out a bunch as you get older too.
Anyways back to my request. Can you please learn to relax in your car seat? I honestly can't take the screaming for the entire trip. You cried so much today that your voice is hoarse. I always make sure to feed you before we go. I put your soft and snuggly blanket in with you. I warm up the car for you. Nothing calms you down in the car. We have to go places and you have to be buckled up. So please, pretty please learn to chill in the car. This week we are going to be going to Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving and if I have to listen to you cry the whole way there and back I might need to go on medication.


Anonymous said...

Does he not use a pacifier? Auntie Nancy K.

K's Mama said...

Not really... although I think I finally found one he likes so hopefully he will now!!