Monday, November 30, 2009


I stole this format from Teresa's Blog!!!

Outside my window....Its cloudy and cold and I wish it was spring.
I am thinking… that Monkey Boy ( as we affectionately call the littlest male in the house) is growing fast. As evidenced by 3 things just yesterday. #1 size one diapers are getting tight, #2 He can now face out in the Baby Bjorn and he likes it much better, # 3 we already had to move the shoulder straps in his carseat up to the higher level.
I am thankful for … 1 awesome God, 1 amazing husband, and 2 healthy kids in that order.
I am reading … not much lately. But John brought me " A Walk with Jane Austin" by Lori Smith so I am going to start that tonight hopefully.
I am hoping … that I survive the winter without death by cabin fever and lack of sunshine.
On my mind … that we seriously need an Advent wreath. Placing 4 random candles on the table just doesn't have the same affect and qualifies as ghetto.
We’re learning … All things Cinderella, Heidi, and princess related.
Noticing that … I am longing for spring.
Pondering these words … "The days are long but the years are short"
From the kitchen … I need to find some good cookie recipes to try out for my upcoming 2 cookie swaps.
Around the house … As Always there is home improvement going on. Mike continues work on Israel's room even though in reality we hope to we able to sell this house in the next year or 2 and buy something with more space- LOTS more space!
One of my favorite things … my laptop... I'll admit it. I need a bit of the Internet to get me through the day as much as I need sugar.
A picture I am sharing …

Keira playing in the fort I made her last week. When our new sink and toilet for the bathroom upstairs arrived in the mail it brought with it 4 HUGE boxes that were perfect for fort making.

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Teresa and Shawn said...

Steal away!

We used to call Simon "Monkey Boy." His Christmas ornament last year was a Mommy monkey giving her baby monkey a bath.

We, too, are learning about Cinderella, etc. I am not a girly-girl so it's a whole new world!