Monday, November 16, 2009

Israel's room and 1/2 bath progress

See where I am standing? That is going to be our new teeny tiny half bath on the second floor. Its gonna be 3 feet X 6 feet. Yup tiny. Its going to have an entrance from the hallway though so even though it looks like its going to be a bathroom in Israel's room its not. We have a plumber going (hopefully soon) to run the pipes from the basement to the second floor.

Mike with lots of help from Anthony has made significant progress on Israel's room. Its totally demo'ed and Mike has started framing it. All new electrical and insulation too. Its going to be similar to Keira's room with another built in bed under the eves and 2 or 3 built in dressers.

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Jennifer said...

Girl you look could be that you are burning calories from Nursing 24-7 or burning calories standing all the time....but either way you look Great!!