Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mocha highlights

Mike planned an awesome birthday surprise that he managed to keep secret for weeks. I was super impressed. Not only that he kept it a secret ( which I think has only happened 1 other time) but at the length he went to make it a fun and special day. He surprised me by booking a babysitter ( thanks a bunch Natalie and Anthony!!!! ) for Keira so he and I could go out to lunch ( we brought the milk man with us) then he was nice enough to walk around the mall for 2 hours with Israel in the Baby Bjorn so I could get my hair highlighted. I had been wanting to get my hair done for a long time and since Israel was born and I am feeling ultra frumpy I wanted to do it even more. But the logistics of booking an appointment when Mike could come to watch Israel and Keira kept me from planning it. Anyways I think the highlights came out great and its nice to feel a little glamorous again. Now if I could just lose another few pounds so that my wedding rings fit again... :o)
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caroline said...

LOVE the highlights, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! it looks awesome. There is something about getting your haircut after giving birth. I went when Faith was 3 weeks old.