Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sat 11-07

This is Keira "helping" daddy make apple crisp- which means she stands there and eats bits and pieces of everything and makes a huge mess.

Israel 4 weeks old already!! Crazy hair after a bath. Israel officially smiled before his sister as he has been smiling when I talk to him for a few days now and he turned 4 weeks today. Keira's first smiles were at 4 weeks old. He is a bit stingy with the smiles so far though. I swear every day he looks different to me. We haven't figured out who he looks like just yet.
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caroline said...

FOUR WEEKS!? Wow! Time sure does fly, I feel like we just heard about him being born! I love his hair too!

Jennifer said...

Its so funny how babies are constantly changing...I can't really tell who he looks more like...but I am leaning more towards you.

Anthony said...

Do you have pictures to compare him to of you and Mike as babies? That might work best.