Saturday, October 17, 2009

1 week old

The first pic is another of Keira's crazy outfits. This is what she looked like when she went outside to play with daddy. Its hard to tell but underneath the tutu she is wearing some Halloween pants complete with ghosts and pumpkins on them.
Yesterday we took Israel "out" for the first time. Where did we go? Trader Joe's! Of course he didn't actually make it in the store as he pooped through his entire outfit all the way down to his socks just as we pulled into the parking lot and had to be changed. He screams so much during diaper or clothing changes that I then had to nurse him to calm him down and by then Mike and Keira had gotten everything on the list. But hey- we got out of the house. Progress I guess. I didn't realize what a hassle it is to dress a teeny tiny baby to go out in 30 degree weather. Keira was almost 6 months old by the time it was really cold and much easier to put layers on than 7 lb Israel. I am just glad its not January as then I probably would never leave the house!
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caroline said...

Oh my goodness he looks so tiny stuffed in all those layers!!! hahaha that is just too cute. But hey, at least you got out of the house.... even if you never got out of the car haha.