Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink coat.

Keira found this coat in her closet while picking out her dress for church. She threw a tantrum when we told her she had to eat breakfast before putting it on ( she is super messy while eating) and then once it was on she wouldn't take it off. She hates to wear jackets mind you... she wore it all during church and then when we got home and she was changing into play clothes she said she was "cold" and couldn't take it off. The less clothes the better in her mind so she NEVER says she is cold. She wore it while she took her nap and was only convinced to take it off to put on her Cinderella dress to go trick or treating.

This is what she did when I asked her to smile and say cheese. She said " I don't want to say cheese!" and then she walked away. Ahhh toddlers.
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caroline said...

I LOVE that jacket! I wouldn't wanna take it off either haha

MommyKW said...

Samantha has a dress that my mom gave her that she insists on wearing...EVERY DAY! It is a very fancy dress and every once in a while I just say, fine. It makes for a much better day. AND, she is the only child that ever asked for anything like that! Must be girls born at that time of the year, that year! haha!