Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playgroup Halloween Party

Our play group has been together for almost 2 and 1/2 years!! This is our best attempt at a group shot ( minus 5 kids) during today's Halloween party.

So far so good with 2 kids. Keira hasn't shown any aggression, anger, or jealousy towards her brother. She likes to talk to him and tell him about baby Alice and any other random thing she happens to be talking about. If you know Keira well you know that she likes to narrate her life so she has always has something to talk about.
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caroline said...

How can you update the blog so much with a brand new baby in the house? I don't have any excuse and I'm just not up for updating mine that often haha I think it's because we're all friends on Facebook now that I feel like everyone already knows everything that's going on and I post so many pictures there that I feel like everyone has already seen them haha. I do need to update mine though... tomorrow night!

I love the play ground in all their costumes! Jo does the same thing narrating her life haha

MommyKW said...

So cute!
I have never had any of the kids be angry or aggressive when a new one arrives. They've always been happy and loving towards the new baby. I think that makes it so much easier. You are doing great with two...add some more! haha!