Saturday, October 10, 2009

The time has come for extraction!

Ok...looks like we are in the middle of this. It is currently 3:50AM and she is currently 6cm dilated.

It all started this morning (actually 39 weeks and 4 days ago), but Tanya had an appointment with her midwife. She has been miserable the entire time, so now that we were so close and the kid was "done cooking", she asked her midwife if she could move things along at all?

We knew we were in for an interesting day. I went to start the truck at 7:45 this morning dice. The battery was dead. So I jumped it with the "van car" and went to work. I usually come home for lunch, so around lunchtime I went to start the truck and, you guessed it, no starty! Dangit. Call Tanya because we need a new battery as we need both vehicles working in case someone needs to take Keira from the festivities when they started. She comes with the Van and we jump the truck again, head to Sears and $113 we have a new battery. I also picked up my new Compound Mitre Saw at the same time since it was on sale. The contractions had already begun by this time since it was post-midwife check but they weren't timable/regular yet.

Around 10:30AM, the midwife some maneuvering down there - pulled her cervix forward and disrupted her membranes without actually sweeping them (Is that like sweep the leg, Johnny?).

Of course that caused something as the contractions started soon after. They occur until about 6PM when she lays down after putting Keira to bed.

After work, I head to Anthony and Natalie's to help start installing the hardwood flooring. I get home about 10PM. Tanya wakes me up at 2AM and says she has been having contractions about 2-5 min apart and that I need to start putting plastic down. I reluctantly :) get up and get to work. Do not give an OCD person plastic and tape...because everything is now covered in plastic - well almost everything because Tanya stopped me.

And that is where we are now.


David and Christina said...

so exciting!!!

Niki said...

Keep us updated- We'll be waiting...

Austria Kalpakgians

aram kalpakgian said...

I want a pic of the plastic job!

And congrats on my new nameless nephew!

caroline said...

SOOO exciting! I can't wait to see pictures =)