Monday, October 19, 2009

Life with 2 Monkeys

Life with 2 is settling down into a somewhat predictable routine ( as predictable as life with a newborn can be I guess) Mike is back at work and I am here all day with the monkeys. Everyone is healthy and happy so its all good. Israel so far is a pretty mellow baby. I wouldn't call him moody or cranky although he is definitely different than Keira. He isn't a great night sleeper like Keira but he really isn't bad. He wants to eat every 2-3 hours at night- although during the day he does try to take a 3 or 4 hour nap that I now don't allow b/c then he wants to eat at the milk bar all night long. We knew better than to expect him to sleep like Keira. She apparently was just a freak of nature since she honestly slept 5-6 hour stretches at night from birth. Because I can't seem to muster up the energy to get out of bed and walk 2 feet to his crib, nurse him and then walk 2 feet back to the crib we ended up taking the side rail entirely off the crib and doing whats called side-carring the crib to the bed. There is a whole technical way of doing it that requires some tools, plywood and bungee cords. You can google it if you are really interested. But now I don't actually have to get out of bed and Israel still has his own space to sleep in and I don't have to worry about a tiny baby in our bed. It works out great for the time being. Of course once the nursery is finished and once he can sleep longer than a 3 hour stretch he will be moved upstairs. But that's not likely before the summer months.
Israel definitely needs to be held more than Keira too. He isn't as content to just hang out anywhere. He wants to be held and if he is sleeping he wants to be on his belly. He is also very spitty like Keira. He spits up at least once after every feeding ( usually more) and instead of nursing normally he gulps and swallows allot oa air. He still gets the hiccups daily too.
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Caroline said...

I would do the same thing if I were breast feeding!