Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Deck restaining

Mike has been itching to do something around the house. Our deck is only 1 year old but whatever stain we applied last year was 50% rubbed off already. Not sure if we bought a cheap stain or if its due to the fact that Mike stained the deck prior to 2 months of straight rain... remember that great summer we had last year?? :o) Anyhow Mike bought a new stain that should last at least 7 years and spent the last 2 weekends pressure washing the deck, sanding it and re staining it. The kids love to play on the deck and were a bit grumpy that daddy was out there and they weren't. It looks great now and we hope it holds for several years just in case we are stuck here for a while. If you want to see pics of the finished product check out Mike's home improvement blog. Betterdiy.blogspot.com. He will be posting pics there soon of the project.
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