Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Mike!!!!

Keira on a sugar high after eating just the frosting and singing daddy Happy Birthday.

Mike's last birthday in his 20's. I'm next. Boy are we getting old! :o) We had vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting to celebrate. Daddy got some games from us as a gift ( the rest of his gift was the GPS he got for our anniversary). We spent the day apple picking and went out to dinner at IHOP on the way home. Okay so IHOP is not exactly fine dining or romantic or a place you would go for a birthday dinner. But we were hungry and wanted breakfast and had two tired hungry kids with us so we needed some place cheap, good and fast. It works. Keira got a free kids meal and we split the breakfast platter. We spent a grand total of $12 including 20% tip.
Happy Birthday to the awesomist ( is that a word?) dad and husband I know.
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