Thursday, September 30, 2010

fall routine

We have gotten into a fall routine. Keira LOVES school and all the silly songs, art projects and stories that go along with it. She likes having something fun to do twice a week and it does help the week go by faster. It is difficult to get her ready ( dressed, eaten breakfast, teeth brushed etc) and out the door by 8:35ish but we are working on being a bit faster in the am. She is also loving Ballet and all in all we are happy we signed her up for both.
Not to long ago I wondering if Israel would walk or talk first. Surprisingly he is talking before he is walking. Since he crawled before 6 months and is a very agile climber we thought for sure he would be walking or running around by 9/10/11 months at least. He cruises and climbs and stands for mins at a time. He can even stand bend over and pick something up and continue standing but other than taking maybe 1 step or so he doesn't attempt to walk. He gets on all 4's and crawls wicked fast. Obviously he has plenty of time to figure out how to walk.
But he has started to talk and now has 7-8 words. His favorite besides "bye bye" is "No no no" I guess we say it so often now ( because he is always getting into trouble) he has picked it up and says it with amazing clarity. He can often be see doing something naughty ( like playing with the toilet paper roll or trying to put something in an electrical outlet) and he will shake his head and say to himself "No No no!!" Its hilarious. We need to get it on video. Sometimes all we have to do is say his name in a certain tone and he looks at us and says "No no no!" with a big grin of course!

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Niki said...

We have to have the boys out of the house by 7:20am for school everyday. Dominic is actually better at it than Ari because Dom is such a morning person. Glad Keira is liking school and great to hear all is well with the new baby. Enjoy the fall!