Thursday, September 09, 2010

Showing number 12

The day before yesterday our Realtor let us know that another Realtor wanted to preview the house for his clients. Apparently his clients were brand new parents of premature twins and were quite busy at the moment with their new parenting duties. The Realtor was previewing some houses to see if they might be something his clients want to try and find the time to view. Okay fine no problem. We cleaned the house for the 9 am showing I didn't have a car yesterday but I loaded the kids up in the double stroller and walked around the neighborhood for 45 min ( he was late) until he was done. I spoke to the Realtor on his way out. Israel was beyond needing a nap and I could see he ( the Realtor) was heading for his car so I headed back to the house. The Realtor told me the house was beautiful and well taken care of and he thought his clients would really like it. He said they would def be back for another viewing. Great, good news. It often takes us several days to hear any feedback from a showing so we didn't think much about it.
Fast forward to 5 :45 pm. The house has since been destroyed by the monkeys we call Keira and Israel. There are toys everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The kitchen is a mess as Mike had just finished making taco's for dinner. The house smelled like meat and garlic ( gross). We are sitting around the table eating ( and the kids are tossing food all over the floor of course) and we notice a car stop in front of the house and then another car. The people get out of their cars ( 3 people total ) and I notice that one of them is the Realtor from this am. I figured well that's sort of odd they got our of their cars but maybe the client wanted to see the yard/ do a drive by etc. After another few min they are still standing there I tell Mike maybe he should go talk to them. Meanwhile Mike's brother drives up followed by his mom and dad. So Mike heads outside to see whats going on. The Realtor tells Mike they had a 6 pm showing. NEWS TO US!! Our Realtor forgot to call us to confirm. Major oops. The kids finish eating and we pile the dishes in the sink, sweep the food that's all over the floor thanks to the kids and do a 30 second toy sweep.... and head outside. We apologize profusely to the clients telling them we are sorry there is dinner mess everywhere, and toys everywhere but they are welcome to look around. We then proceed to walk around the neighborhood with Mikes brother and parents and the kids for another 45 min .
Phew!!! Craziness and so embarrassed at the state of the house for the showing. At this point we are still waiting to hear back at what they thought but we are assuming its something similar to everyone else's comments. "Nice, well taken care of house but they settled for a house with a garage."

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Anthony said...

Mmmm... meat and garlic smell. You could get extra for that from the right people.