Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Keira,

Just because you pleaded with "those eyes" and just because you are so insistent and so cute we let you bring your empty baby doll stroller to the grocery store last night. You were hilarious pushing the empty strolling all over the store with a huge smile on your face. All the woman stopped to talk to you and you smiled and "chatted" back. Daddy and I laughed as you stopped in the produce department and held your arm up towards the apples and said to Daddy "abble, abble!!!" And then you picked 2 apples that looked good to you and put them in a bag and in your stroller and then you pushed those apples around the grocery store. Since I shop at the grocery store with a mission to get in and get out as fast a possible, I was way ahead of you. If I got to the end of a aisle and you were at the beginning of the aisle Daddy would point me out to you and once you saw me you would squeal "MAMA!!!!" and start running and pushing that stroller into shelves of food. Daddy and I were cracking up the whole time. We hope you are always as happy and smiley as you are now. You certainly keep Daddy and I laughing everyday!!!


caroline said...

Awww! That's so cute! Jo loves putting things in the bag for me. I was letting her put some sweet potatoes in a bag and one of them broke through the bottom and fell on the floor and broke in half haha, I put it back and quickly walked away laughing because Jo was just going "uh oh.... uh oh..."

David and Christina said...

Keira is so sweet. I wish we were shopping at he same time so we could see her. These are the memories that that last a life time. If you journal write it down before she does something equally as adorable.