Thursday, December 11, 2008


Am I the only one who has a child who can't eat without a a massive mess?? Seriously. There has to be a better way to feed a toddler!!!

Nothing exciting has happened here lately. The weather continues to be rainy/snowy and dark and cloudy. Keira continues being sick, yet happy and Mama continues wishing for Spring and daylight and trying to convince Daddy that a move south/west mightbe nice!!!
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caroline said...

I find that bowls and plates only motivate a toddler to dump it out haha

Hippert said...

Love the pic with her in the chair and the rice crispies all over the place, she's looks so innocent like she doesn't know how that mess got there.

Anonymous said...

If you and Keira ever want to get out of the New England winter weather we have plenty of bedrooms,toys and cousin playmates on the West Coast to keep you entertained for months on end! It's really foggy ere today and going to rain all weekend but for the most part it is livable. Just let us know when to pick you up at the airport which is just minutes away! She is so cute...How about getting a puppy that would scoop up the rice krispies! I know dogs are not supposed to eat people food! I don't think there is a good way to feed toddlers this is all just a discovery time.....Love, Auntie Nancy K.