Sunday, December 07, 2008

What is this stuff???

Okay to be honest its our second snowfall... but the last one started when it was getting dark and was melted by morning. This morning we woke up to a tiny bit of snow. Enough to introduce Keira to it at least. This is her first time wearing her snowsuit!!!!! She did amazingly well waking around in the puffy suit and her strawberry shortcake boots!
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MommyKW said...

You know, it would be a good idea to get Samantha out in her snowsuit with our 1/4 inch of snow! And, you should probably start shoveling now, because if I remember correctly, last year you were snowy for wayyyyy toooooo looong!

caroline said...

Jo doesn't have a snowsuit yet but I have a feeling she isn't going to be a fan! Keira definitely looks cute all bundled up!