Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dear Keira,

Dear Keira,
I'm so glad that I have this blog to help me remember the funny things you say and do. I am horrible at writing things in your baby book but this way at least they are recorded.
You are 19 months old and crazy about music. Anytime you hear music or anything kind of rhythm or beat you start jamming and dancing. Today you were outside and daddy's was chopping up all the ice stuck on the driveway with a metal shovel and you started dancing to the beat of the shovel hitting the driveway. Daddy and I were laughing so hard daddy had to stop chopping the ice.
Then this afternoon we went to Mass because we are supposed to get a big snowstorm tonight. At church every time the music ministry stopped singing a song you yelled "More, More!" the people behind us laughed.
Your favorite things lately are your books and your baby. You have this book about Noah's ark and you call Noah- Noo-na. You love to change your baby's diaper and dress her in your clothes.
To be continued..... :o)


caroline said...

That's so nice =) I have a video camera and have only taken video of Jo with it a few times and the other day I was like "oh my god... how have I not taken a bunch of video of Jo!?" and then I realized I have HOURS and HOURS of video I took with my digital camera haha that to me is such a life saver. I'll have those videos forever to remember these times.

alexish5 said...

She is so cute when she dances!