Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a mess...

The day started off normal enough.... I went to the gym and the post office. Mike stayed at home with Keira and kept her amused and well fed and also fixed my aging dresser that decided to fall a part. When I got back Mike decided to clean his workshop in the basement. Since we finally finished Keira's room we had dumped a huge amount of tools back into the workshop but nothing had been put away. Mike starts cleaning and about 5 min later he comes upstairs frustrated at the mess and lack of space in the basement. If you know us you know that neither of us are packrats and neither of us like clutter. We constantly get rid of stuff which is really important when you live in a VERY small house with teeny tiny closets and and overall lack of storage everywhere!!! Its amazing how stuff accumulates though. Especially when children come along. So we starting "cleaning" and reorganizing the basement. We decided to move most of the storage type stuff ( baby clothes, swing, bassinett) to the second bedroom on our second floor. Its also in need of a major remodel... think layers of wallpaper and paneling. But we emptied the room of "junk" turned it into our very own walk in closet. These pictures are of all the stuff we were organizing in the process of being moved from the basement to the second floor. So while this whole organization project was going on we moved a piece of furniture ( that was original to the house) in the basement and found the horror of it all. MOLD!!!!! It was old mold. Probably from the floods of May 2006. The mold was on the one part of the basement where we have yet to tear the paneling and drywall off.. so so began the next order of business.. tearing off walls and paneling and drywall. I am happy to report that 99% of the mold is gone... the rest will be gone as the week progresses. There is an enormous pile of drywall, paneling and wood in the driveway ( Ill post pics tomorrow). There is also an enormous pile of junk to be thrown out. So the plan for the week ( since mike is on "vacation") was to possibly finish the kitchen cabinets... but as always seems to happen to us we have started another project without even realizing it!!
Stay tuned for pics of the basement, pics of the junk piles and pics of our organization!!!
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haha oh I soooooo feel you on this one! we're worst off than you... a REALLY small apartment! the only storage we have is under beds... a closet in Jo's room and a closet under stairs (but it's in Jo's room... the stairs aren't obviously) so it's really small and then some shelves in the laundry room. You get REALLY creative where you put things when you're in a situation like that!