Monday, January 05, 2009

Shopping, undies and dust rags

Keira's Uncle brought over some presents yesterday. One being this great little shopping cart that Keira loves. Too bad it says Wal- Mart all over it.. anyways here are some pics on her pushing it around today. Notice the pink thing around her neck. That is a dust rag to be exact. Keira seems to have the role of the housewife/ SAHM all figured out and has to help me do everything. She was helping me dust and when she was finished she put it around her neck. Yes that is an old pair on undies around her neck ( maternity undies to be exact - in case any of you with keen eyes can see the granny pantyness of them) Hey it keeps me from having to buy to many paper towels. Dust rags are free and washable! Its 2009 people. Its all about being "green" :o)
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Jennifer said...

Brooke got a shopping cart for Christmas too. She loves it, we like to clean with our diaper wipes...we have tried rags but she likes the wipes better. I have a box of parents choice that I can not use on her so that is what she cleans with. Good to know that the maternity underwear have an alternative use...haha

caroline said...

hahaha that is TOO funny!!! I hate Wal-Mart too, but it's a cute shopping cart!