Thursday, January 29, 2009

raking the roof

Don't you all wish you had to do this too?? After our latest snow storm dumped around 6-8 inches of snow and then sleet and then rain on top. "It as in the snow/sleet/rain mix" was so heavy Mike raked our roof. Here is both of us outside at 10 pm last night doing storm clean -up. Well I am mostly recording put prior to the recording we were both shoveling the ultra heavy stuff and lifting it onto piles that were waist high and iced over... so when you threw the snow junk on the piles it literally slid right down the mound because the piles are so high and all iced over!!!! Need I mention again that I am looking forward to spring????..
Apparently blogger is having issues... we have had issues for the past week trying to upload pics and now its having issues uploading video. I will get my computer guy to look at it!!!

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caroline said...

haha oh my! that is quite something. We got hit too!