Wednesday, January 07, 2009

There is nothing like ice hitting you in the face.

This am we got about 2-3 inches of snow. Then since then it has been sleeting or raining little pieces of ice. I took Keira outside to get some fresh air and play in her sled. She kept looking up at the sky and sticking her hand out to see the raining ice on her mittens. I tried to shovel the driveway but after my back starting hurting I resorting to shoveling the snow/ice pack off to the side of the driveway knowing that Mike will have fun with his snow blower later. The 2-3 inches of snow feels like more than a foot. Its super heavy b/c of the several inches of ice on top of the snow.
3 more months of being iced/snowed in. 3 more months of darkness. 3 more months till Keira can play outside... that is assuming that April is more spring like than Winter like.


MommyKW said...

Sorry. Glad to know someone dislikes it as much as I do!

caroline said...

I hate shoveling when it's wicked heavy because of rain and stuff. Who knows what April will be like. The seasons are ALL off. You don't think you'll see such a thing in your lifetime but I'm 21 and I can remember the seasons being TOTALLY different. It'll probably snow in April haha.