Monday, January 19, 2009

No pc...

Mike is still working on my computer so I still don't have a camera card reader...... So sorry! I know blogs aren't very exciting without pics! I have several pics to post just no way to post them. Ill get them on here soon enough.We got another foot or so of snow so I have pics of that. The snow is now piled up all the way to the mailbox. Its insane!
I am starting to feel somewhat human again after the dreading stomach flu that hits every Jan/Feb... after downing lots of yogurt and probiotics I think my gut is returning to its normal state although I still don't have much of an appetite and nothing looks good. I made dinner for the first time in 4 days though so thats a start I guess.
Most of you will laugh about this... but I feel like Keira has taken 2 steps away from baby hood this past week. One being that we finally turned her car seat to forward facing.... she has Radian car seat and you need to be 22 lbs to forward face in it.. she was 21 lbs 9 oz last month so she is close enough... its safer to be rear facing so I wanted to keep her rear facing as long as possible. Technically we can keep her rear facing till 35 lbs but her legs were getting a bit long and she was destroying the leather seat with her muddy boots so we did it. Or I should say Mike did it. He took Keira on some errands Saturday and when he came back he told me her turned her around.
The second being that I took the bumper pads out of her crib- I know I know... most people take them out long before but she moves around a ton in her sleep and I thought she might bump her head on the hard crib rails so I left them in. She was starting to play with them alot so I figured it was time to take them out. Now there is nothing in her crib but the mattress, a sheet and a fleece blanket.
ohhh and Keira peed on her Dora potty seat once this past weekend. It was just a random event and she is no where near ready to potty train but it was still exciting for us anyway!!!
So there you have it. All the pictureless excitment we have had in the past 2 days.


caroline said...

I know it's safer to be rear facing but it's so much easier to have them forward facing, I like it a lot better!

Jo hasn't started playing with her bumper yet so I still have mine in! I just think the crib looks so much cuter with it in so I figured I'd keep it in. Although I don't have it going around the whole crib, just 3 sides... not the front.

Congrats on the going potty! I know what you mean. We got Jo a potty seat the other day because I wanted to have one around long before I ever started potty training her just so she could get used to it and be familiar with it. Jo also went pee on the potty too! She was bound to because she's obsessed with sitting on it (and she just INSISTS on taking off her diaper and pants) so with all this sitting on the potty it was bound to happen haha but I'm with you... tooootally not rushing the potty training.

MommyKW said...

That is so funny! Samantha pooped on the potty today! All of our little ones are experimenting at the same time! Well, not the potty, the toilet, but same difference! haha! And, snow to your mailbox?! Maybe we can get a group deal if we buy a couple houses in the Carribbean!?