Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sunday we gave Keira her first haircut.. I saw we because first I cut a bit and then Mike straightened things up. We didn't take any pics because she was in the tub at the time and wiggly and its not really that noticeable. She had a rat tail in the middle of the back of her head. The hair was longer than the rest so we just evened it up.
Today Mike took Keira to the library for the first time to get a few books. He said she loved it. She found the Corduroy books and wouldn't let go. When they checked out and had to hand the books to the librarian Keira started whining afraid that she wasn't going to see Corduroy again. Looks like we will be making a few trips to the library.

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Caroline said...

I love taking Jo to the library. Ours has a whole floor just for the children's portion of the library and they are always having activities and classes that are free, I take her all the time, she loves it! The playground and library are 2 easy places for us to walk to so that's why we go so much haha