Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Mike has finished installing all of the railing posts for the deck, installed the stairs, and has started putting down the cedar decking. It looks great! He has been working at work all day and then coming home from work and working until its to dark to see. He has been so busy with the deck that poor Keira hasn't been able to spend any quality time in daddy in a while. Today at dinner when Mike was holding Keira and she was screaming "Mama hold me!!!!" I asked her whats wrong with daddy holding her and she said "No like daddy!!!!" Toddlers! She LOVES her daddy normally!
Less than 2 weeks till our ultrasound. I am a bit nervous that it it show that Little Bean is a boy and I am so hoping for a girl. Silly I know. I am starting to feel heavy, cumbersome and pregnant... and I still have 24 weeks to grow and grow and grow and you get the idea. I appear to be well on my way to another 40 lb weight gain...
I attempted to begin the potty training with Keira Tuesday and lets just say that's got to be the most frustrating part of parenting yet. I tried the no diaper method... letting her hang out naked and sitting her on the potty. Lets just say I felt like I had a puppy, an untrained puppy. I am not dumb enough to think that potty training happens in a day or even a week but wow... She has no interest and actually teases me. I say do you want to sit on the potty Keira and she says noooooooo and smiles. Fun Fun.


caroline said...

In my opinion she is still way too young to be expected to understand and really get potty trained! If she doesn't seem ready it's okay to stop for awhile and try again in a few months.

Teresa and Shawn said...

Don't sweat it, Tanya. We introduced Jamie to the potty around 2-2 1/2, but he was not interested until shortly after the age of 3. And once Jamie was ready, he trained in 2 days, I think 2 accidents. I am not lying. So it will happen!!