Thursday, April 02, 2009

warmth and sunshine!

After a dreary day the weather turned beautiful and warm!!!

Half of my garden...

The other half of the garden. 2 months till planting still :o(

yup it was warm enough in the sun for bare feet!!

Notice Keira's wet and muddy butt. I dumped out all her sand toys and there was water in the bottom of the basket from recent rain. Of course she had to sit in it.

Keira stole daddy's sandwich and was excited about it.


MommyKW said...

I want to steal his sandwich! It looks good! haha! I can't believe it was that warm for you today! Congratulations! haha! It was so warm today, I felt like getting out my outside lounge chair and taking a nap! But, tomorrow it's supposed to get cold and rain. Such is April!

caroline said...

the forecast for today was rain but it ended up being so nice! we went on a long walk. now it says tomorrow is going to rain... we'll see!

Jennifer said...

Oh My....Is that grass I see? Yay....I know how much you like to be outside...or should I say Keira!!